If you are reading this then you are looking for a solution to your problem dog. Chances are you have been looking for sometime and may have attended other classes without much success or the feeling of just being baffled by it all!

Our recipe is easy to follow and given to you in bite-size chunks. Over our 6 weeks together you solve many of your problems with your dog and you feel better too!

During our 6 weeks together:

You will discover how to get your dog to want to do things for you!

You will play games that will bring you that all-important recall.

You will understand your dog and why he/she behaves the way he/she does.

You will feel in control, strong, ready and able to handle any situation!

There are follow on classes if you want to continue learning with us!!

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Why Dogs do what they do!

Take control and feel in control!

During our six week workshop we teach you about why your dog does what he does. We also teach you how to anticipate what your dog is going to do and how to rectify the situation.

This is my dad, Don Blackwell he sadly passed away in 2002 but not before he had the chance to make his impact on the world of dog training and behaviour! My dad was very empathic towards dogs and knew just what was needed to keep a dog in their home. He created his 'Recipe' which I still use today.

I still apply my father's 'Receipe' and I and my many clients get the same reliable results. My father was always learning about new and innovative ways to train dogs and for most, he found that by using play as a training technique their behaviour changed dramatically.

This is for you if you are open-minded enough to think outside the box of dog training and behaviour and embark on a different thought pattern.

This is for you if you have tried the mainstream and you just are not getting the results you expected.

How can I help you?

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What our clients say about us!

Meet Jess ......

Jess is a rescue and we knew immediately that she needed to be just a dog for a bit. We find the workshops invaluable as Jess is permitted to stretch her legs and as a result has found herself a job taking others on that necessary run!

We tried the mainstream and it just wasn't working for Jess. We knew Jess needed to run and interact independently with other dogs. Naughty Dog School takes a different approach to dog behaviour and dealing with undesirable behaviour, it has helped Jess and all both love coming!!

Kat and Ash

Bella playing ..... This is an owner video to show me how well Bella is doing!!

Bella is a Romanian rescue who was not at all happy about being around other dogs. Her owners tried the positive only route to find her behaviour was only getting worse!

Naughty Dog School to the rescue! After only 6 weeks at NDS Bella's anxiety reduced! So much so that Sam took this video to prove how well behaved she is now!

Misty ....

'I'm a new owner and wanted a happy relaxed dog I could take anywhere!!'

I'm a new dog owner and I really wanted my new addition to my family to be a 'good girl' and being a childminder it was doubly important I have a happy relaxed dog that can handle anything!!

I can't thank Naughty Dog School enough!! We have a happy relaxed dog with a great recall who is basically bomb proof!!


Justine and Misty


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When we first took him to the park/beach/woods everything seemed new and he was so excited. He was a loving boy but his social skills around other dogs was far from great. He was unable to walk on a lead without constantly pulling and when he saw other dogs he would just just chase, jump on them and in general be a bit of a pest. Most dog owners were also understandably nervous when they saw him chasing their dog due to his breed and appearance. His recall was non existent which was a real worry and it got to the stage we had to keep him on the lead at all times which is not what we wanted for our beautiful boy. He needed to be free to run, play and be a happy sociable dog after his rough start in life.

This is how we found Lynette and thank god we did. Lynette doesn’t normally work with staffy cross dogs but agreed to work with us on a one to one basis. Well what can I say? After 5 sessions Buddy is like a new boy. The training was predominantly done through play and the focus is on creating that bond between you and your dog but instilling the behaviours you want to achieve going forward.

Buddy now happily plays with other dogs (we visited family recently who have 4 dogs ranging from a large retired guide dog lab to a chihuahua) and Bud played brilliantly with them all enjoying walks in the woods off lead. His recall is so much better and he’s now a happy sociable dog who’s loving life.

I can’t thank Lynette enough for everything she has done for us. Walking Bud is now a lovely experience rather than the stressful one that we had been experiencing just a few months ago. I couldn’t recommend her enough. Thank you for taking on Bud and helping him be a much happier dog.

Ali and Lee

Another owner video .....

Our dog Buddy had a rough start after being found wandering the streets of Slough and was taken to the local pound. Sadly no one wanted him and his time at the pound was at an end when a lovely rescue that I know stepped in to save him.

The first picture of him in the pound just broke our hearts and we decided this poor boxer staffi cross deserved a loving home and we stepped in to give him that. Buddy was a lovely boy But came to us 10kg under weight. It was clear he hadn’t had much (if any) real socialisation in the outside world. He had few bottom teeth and the consensus was he had predominately been kept in a cage and lost his teeth trying to gnaw his way out.

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